We have a team of Sydney builders and specialist tradesmen that can guarantee to give you a fantastic addition or renovation (flooring and carpentry services, plumbing, electrical, drywall, roofing … etc). We design and build projects of any size.

Increase Your Living Space

Amazing Projects can help you transform your house into the home that you dream about by building an addition or extension. If you want to create more living space for you and your family the best way is to add a ground floor or first floor extension.

Why Build an Extension?

For a fraction of the cost you can have a bigger house without the inconvenience of having to sell and buy. Avoid Government and real estate costs, and avoid having to uproot everything and re-establish a home somewhere new. Instead you:

  • stay close to your friends, your children’s schools and your community
  • pay no stamp duties, legal fees and removalist costs that you do when you buy a new house
  • keep the best of existing features (landscaping, garages, sheds)
  • keep existing investments (built-ins, kitchen and bathroom renovations)
  • find it easier to get development approval for renovations than a new home
  • stay at home during construction (or for most of it)

Ground Floor Extensions

Do you want a ground floor extension to create more entertainment area around your garden or pool, to improve the appearance of your house, to avoid stairs for elderly or disabled family member, or you want the simplest way to add another room?

We design and construct ground floor extensions and renovations for all types of houses.

First Floor Extensions

Is your current house too small and you don’t have the block size to add a ground floor extension? A first floor extension can give you much more space, add value to your house and may even give you a fantastic view from your new windows.

Amazing Projects will create extra living space you need by designing and building a second storey addition to add style, space and value to your existing home.

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