At Amazing Projects our team of licensed builders have been labelled the best granny flat builders Sydney has. We specialise in building Sydney granny flats and our attention to quality and detail is simply unsurpassed. For any granny flat or home renovation project it’s crucial that you enlist the services of experienced experts. Our team of dedicated specialists are often recognised as the most professional licensed granny flat builders Sydney has as this is what our amazing results reflect. Our workmanship warranties exceed national standards and the Sydney granny flats we design and construct look absolutely amazing many years later.

Licensed Granny Flat Builders Sydney

Finding the finest granny flat builders Sydney has is not an easy task so it’s crucial that you enlist the services of a reputable and established company such as Amazing Projects. We take care of the entire granny flat building process for you so you don’t have to worry about any details.

  • We have many modern Sydney granny flat designs to choose from
  • Amazing Projects can custom design a Sydney granny flat for you
  • Our granny flat construction methods exceed all national standards
  • Our in-house certifiers can have all designs approved in two weeks
  • Our licensed Sydney granny flat builders have years of experience

Building a Sydney granny flat is a great way to extend the living space of your existing property and generate some extra rental income. By utilising our Sydney granny flat builders you’ll end up with an exceptionally high quality granny flat at a very affordable price. When it comes to quality, we never cut corners. This is why the Sydney granny flats we build always fetch the highest rental returns.

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Simply the Best Granny Flat Builders Sydney Has

We know that every Sydney granny flat we build will stand as testament to the quality of workmanship we produce. Our granny flat builders in Sydney follow an efficient and systematic construction work plan. By doing this, we ensure that all facets of the granny flat construction process are performed to the highest degree of quality possible. Amazing Projects is yet to have a warranty claim made against our reputable company and this is because of one simple reason; we do things right the first time all the time.

Superior Quality Sydney Granny Flat Builders

From our superior concrete waffle pod slabs right through to the amazingly well finished internal inclusions, our commitment to quality is obvious. Throughout the entire construction process our Sydney granny flat builders have one thing in mind; to exceed all of our clients’ expectations. By consistently accomplishing this task over the years we have reaped the benefits. We now have an established loyal customer base that happily spreads the word about our granny flat building services and Sydney home renovations.

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Quality External Sydney Granny Flat Inclusions

It has always been our attention to detail that separates us from other granny flay builders in Sydney. When it comes to external inclusions, it is no exception. All of our structural timber framing complies with AS1684 stipulations and has the required termite control measures in place as per AS3660 requirements. All external wall structures come standard with R1.5 batts which exceed the requirements set forth by the national building codes. We provide solid core entry doores as standard and all downpipes are correctly primed and coated mulple times.

Get in Touch with Expert Granny Flat Builders

Although a Sydney granny flat can only have a maximum floor space of 60m2, it doesn’t mean you can cut corners. Our Sydney granny flat builders have all the home warranty insurances legally required to build Sydney granny flats. All work is performed by licensed tradesmen with no exceptions and all Amazing Projects’ staff have full and current public liability insurances. We offer no obligation free quotes for all Sydney home owners so contact us by email or call us on 1300 787 644 and use the best granny flat builders Sydney has.